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Puppy photos

Ashlaren Petite Charlotte ('Charlie')

1-Ashlaren Petite Charlotte (Charlie) 10 weeks.jpg

The Hanson family of Wollongong recently lost their first Weimaraner that they got from us many years ago and now have just introduced Charlie (Ashlaren Petite Charlotte) to their family.

 I am sure Charlie is much loved already!

Lola and Max


The Whelan family in Sydney has its own 'terrorist' aka Lola (Ashlaren Madam Lola)  an 8 week old puppy who is slowly learning her place in the household with Max, the Whelen's first Weimaraner (yes, that is right, this is the second Ashlaren Weimaraner his family now have).

Max is learning to accept Lola's pesty puppy ways. Lucky Lola and Max get away from suburban Sydney and spend most weekends on their acerage property in the Southern Highlands so there will be lots to keep them both occupied whenever they visit there.

In the meantime, the new best friends enjoy a quite nap together but when they are awake, it is play time with the Whelan children!

Tally and her new family in Hong Kong

Tally in HK.jpg

What a lucky puppy Tally is to have finally met her  long awaited puppy owners, Anne  Jones and family, who live in Hong Kong.

After numerous phone calls and emails, Tally (Ashlaren Lady Tally Of Sydney) has finally arrived in Hong Kong to the loving Jones family. It sure looks as though she has adjusted well after her long flight from Australia and I am sure Tally will love every minute of living with the Jones family!

Tally is sired by Multi International Champion Ashlaren Caipiroska and her dam is Graysville  A Work Of Art (IMP NZ) whose mother is NZ Ch Ashlaren Cezanne.


Weis and Cats!

Coco the Wei and Possum the cat.JPG

We are often asked if Weimaraners and cats get along with each other...well I guess this photo of Coco (Ashlaren Ava The Aussie) and Possum the cat, both owned by Lauren St Clair of Scone NSW. does prove a point as these twp are inseparable mates. But it is wise not to introduce a cat to an older Weimaraner, but best if they are brought up together when the Weimaraner is a baby puppy.

Paige x Mark pups start exploring at 4 weeks!


Our puppies just love to explore and discover new things and they are given the supervised freedom of a rural and a stimulating environment at their first home at Ashlaren Park. Our aim is to assist in their social development from an early age so they are given every opportunity to experience the right start in life and become well adjusted and sociable Weimaraners in the future.

Mark x Ellie's babies at 3 and half weeks...


One of Mark and Ellie's babies after her first taste of solid food!

New babies


Weimaraner babies are born with stripes which disappear in a few days after birth.

Newborn Puppy


Their eyes will open at around two weeks of age.

Out of the whelping box


When the puppies are a few weeks old, they love to play on the grass with each other and pester their tolerant mother (Aust Ch Ashlaren Bronte)....


..and they love to explore new things and smell new smells!


...whilst the mother (Bronte) keeps a watchful eye over her healthy, playful babies... Bronte is now a Hong Kong/Aust Champion.

Dinner Time!


Puppies love their food and manners are forgotten at dinner time! Our puppies are raised on Purina ProPlan Large Breed Puppy food and there is no need to add any supplements to this quality complete food.

Pups just have to check everything out!


Pups are like kids...you have to watch they don't get into mischief!

Pup at 8 weeks


This puppy is getting ready to go to his new home as he is about 8 weeks old. Note his blue eyes and big ears! His eyes will gradually change to an amber colour as he grows and he will soon grow into those big ears and all that bone too!

Show Training a puppy!


After selecting the pup from the litter that we want to exhibit in the show ring, the hard work of training the pup to stand for examination and work on a lead then begins. This baby is only 6 weeks and she is from Am/Can/Aust Ch Davora Bremar Mark of Ashlaren ('Mark'), out of NZ Ch Ashlaren Cezanne ('Emmie'). She will begin her show career interstate when she is 3 months old.

How could you resist a Wei puppy?

Bella Rose owned by Rebecca Hoile.(Ashlaren Opal Cameo Suzie x Reuben).JPG

This gorgeous puppy photo was sent to us by her proud new owner, Rebecca, who lives in Sydney. We love to receive updates and photos of the puppies from their new owners. Her pedigree name is Ashlaren Opal Cameo but her 'call name' is Bella Rose. Her father is Aust Ch Ashlaren Reuben and her mother is Grand Ch/NZ Ch Ashlaren Crepe Suzette!

House Training


Weimaraners don't take long to train, whether it is for the show ring or learning the house rules. This puppy learnt at 8 weeks of age that she had to lie on the mat and behave when inside, just like her mother.

Puppies love hugs!


Puppies are cuddly and Connor just can't resist giving this puppy a hug! We strongly advise new puppy owners to socialize your new puppy by introducing them to other people and children and taking them out and about with you after their final vaccinations.


Weimaraner mums are usually very tolerant of their pups - here's Katie sitting on Rhea!

Who? Me?


Puppies need to be made part of family life from an early age. These youngsters are enjoying being with us in our family room and are 'trying' to be good! They love toys to play with, so make sure you purchase some play things for your new puppy.

OK! Here I come!


'You called my name! That's me!' Weimaraners learn things very quickly so that is why we strongly recommend puppy Pre School and then later on, enroll your Weimaraner in a local Dog Obedience Club. Remember, a well behaved dog is a joy to live with!