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Exercise Time


Let's Go!

Exercise time at Ashlaren Park with our dogs is always eagerly anticipated, both by the dogs and Lainie who loves this special time each day with these beautiful, athletic and intelligent dogs. We believe that regular exercise consisting of free running as well as swimming keeps our dogs in peak physical and mental condition.


Let's Go for a Swim!

We are fortunate to have undulating acerage (with high security fencing around the whole 12 and half acres) so our Weimaraners can safely run freely on our property and also tone up their muscles by not only running by also by swimming in our large purpose built dam. With so much natural exercise, our Ashlaren Weimaraners are well conditioned, happy and healthy.

Katie Swim.jpg

Splash Down!

Our 'old girl' Katie (Aust Ch Ashlaren Eye Catcher) is 10 years old but she is still very fit and healthy and is a great swimmer (see photo of Katie in our dam.) She certainly does not look like a Veteran and she won Best Veteran Bitch at the 2008 Weimaraner Club of NSW State Specialty.

Catch me if you can!


Puppy Ava has the ball now and she is NOT going to let the other dogs have it! Ava was only 7 months old when this photo was taken.

Where did the others go?


Ava loves to tease the other dogs when she has a ball and taunts them by standing and saying, "Come and get me!"

I'll hide over here with my ball!


Uh oh! The other dogs have seen Ava so she makes a quick getaway to the other side of the dam!


Make Time for Exercise!

If you are considering a Weimaraner as a pet, be sure you are prepared to properly exercise your dog regularly. Our dogs are conditioned on Purina ProPlan Performance complete dry dog food so with such a high quality food combined with their daily exercise, our show dogs (and retired ones too!) are at a peak of fitness, have beautiful shiny coats and enjoy a long, happy life at Ashlaren Park!