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Ashlaren Weis in the Field

Our Weis naturally love to hunt, point and retrieve!

OSKA'S daughter Flanders Joy Gita retrieving July 08.JPG

Multi European and Aust Champion Ashlaren Caipiroska ('Oska') has sired many litters throughout Europe in the three years he has been in Europe. This is his daughter, Gita, of Flanders Joy Weimaraners in Belgium, doing some retrieving work. Thank you Kobie for sending us this lovely photo of Gita!

Puppy on Point!

Magnum's son Gento in Belgium (Kobie) Flanders Joy.jpg

Oska's son Gento in Belgium going on point when he saw a wing feather!

NZ Ch Ashlaren Cezanne on point April 2008.jpg

Pictured is NZ Champion Ashlaren Cezanne on point. 'Emmie', as she is called, is very intense when it comes to hunting pheasants in New Zealand! Just look at her expression! Emmie was imported from Ashlaren by Wendy Barber of Graysville Weimaraners, North Island, NZ

Emmie hunting -Find it!.JPG

NZ Ch Ashlaren Cezanne is told by the hunter to retrieve!

Aust/NZ Ch Ashlaren Mango Jelly ('Magnum')

Magnum moving with rabbit in the mouth in NZ.jpg

Magnum loves hunting and here he is retrieving a rabbit when he was in New Zealand being campaigned there. Photo thanks to Pip Simmons of Carnmellis Weimaraners in NZ.

Early Training

RAj - Ashlaren Manhatten retrieving a rabbit.JPG

This is Raj, owned by Kevin Westcott of western NSW. Kevin is a keen hunter and started training Raj from a very early age. Raj is proudly carrying a rabbit and he was less than 3 months when this photo was taken. Kevin described Raj as the best hunter he has ever had!

Field Dogs in Sweden


Our Swedish friends, Rolf and Pernilla Ryberg of Classic Dreams Weimaraners, have trained many great field dogs and hold regular training days on their magnificent property, Alviksholms Gard, which was once the hunting grounds and county residence of Swedish Royalty.

Introducing a pup to a Partridge in Sweden


Start field training when puppies are only a few weeks old!

Tracking for pheasant in Sweden


Rolf and Pernilla Ryberg of Classic Dreams Weimaraners in Sweden, showed us their training techniques, including blood tracking, water retrieves and open field work with their Weimaraners when we stayed with them in Sweden in 2006 and again in 2008. It was a wonderful and very memorable experience watching their dogs at work in the beautiful forests, fields and waterways near their home in south west Sweden.